Time between strikes
(2014-08-19, 22:39)Jon1980 Wrote: Is there a color chart somewhere that shows the time line of a strike? I see that they change color and am not seeing anything to show me how long it has been since the strike happened. Certain customers shut us down due to lightning and we have to wait 30 min from the last strike within eye sight. I found this and would like to use it more often but i need to be able to prove that we are in the clear. Any help would be appreciated.
I think some things need to be voiced very clearly and strongly before anyone attempts to use Blitzortung for determining when it might be time to do something relative to the last time of a strike. See the following statement that can be found on the Blitzortun.org "Contact" webpage (http://www.blitzortung.org/Webpages/inde...=en&page=7):

Important informations:
The data of Blitzortung.org is provided only for private and entertainment purposes. Blitzortung.org is not a commercial authority for lightning data. All images shown on our website are subject to Blitzortung.org copyright. If you wish to re-use these images, Blitzortung.org's copyright credit should be shown by displaying the words " Blitzortung.org" on each of the images.

A commercial use of data or images of Blitzortung.org is strictly prohibited and must be discussed with us in advance. The data of Blitzortung.org is NOT suitable for a plausibility check in insurance matters.


We are not liable for the completeness, timeliness, quality and accuracy of the information on our website. We are not responsible for damages, resulting from trusting the content of our website or its use.

Our website contains links to other sites, the content of which can change at any time. We are not responsible for the content of the sites to which our site contains links.

In other words: It is NOT okay to use Blitzortung maps, data or any other of its resources for "proof" of anything.
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