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(2021-09-06, 14:37)hazet_CHAM Wrote: Hi folks!
Nobody here anymore to answer my post? Nobody taking care of lightning stats? No interest? What's going on here? Is it going to dye?  Huh Huh
It's actually been answered numerous times througout the forum, in various forms, to various questions. This probably the reason no one has replied.  The adjunct site Lightningmaps.org DOES NOT interface correctly with the OFFICIAL Blitzortung databases. Until all the updates and server restructuring are completed over time, the integrity of ANY data on Lightningmaps.org is a possible issue.  NONE of us, other than Tobi, have ANY input or 'control' of ANY data on Lightingmaps.org. And Tobi does NOT have the time and energy to constantly update Lightninmaps while so much is changing on the official main processing. Suggest learn use the new tools and  data on Blietzortung.org. If you'll note, there are NO links back to Lightninmaps.org, currently, from the Blitzortung pages.
Suggest learn what these graphs are saying, ...
statistics are more complex also, for your station 1671, which is supporting 3 regions.  Comparing one station to another is no longer a valid way to 'optimize'...

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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