Image with statistical information
(2020-03-15, 12:53)Egon Wrote: The following picture visualizes the minimum and maximum distance of the detected impact locations. The parameter specifies the station.

Parameters are
drawing_area_height (0 - 1000, default 300)
bar_width (0 - 100, default 25)
bar_sep (0 - 100, default 4)
days (1-28)

By the way, in the first graphic I have fixed some bugs.

Hi Egon
I'm very new and still learning. With this Min/Max graph is it possible to have it display where the strike\stroke came from? What I maen is, if it says 2556km, is it possible to display where from or at least a heading?
Many thanks
Station: 2677
The Vines Weather
Stations: 2677

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