Help please¡
(2019-01-09, 22:36) pid=\20091' Wrote:
(2019-01-09, 21:37)emaibarlucea Wrote: good afternoon, I can not see the data on the map, the station is all green but does not take the rays, and we are under a storm, I need help please thanks!

station 2347

Yes, there seems to be, at the moment, some issue with display on Regions 3 and 5... I suspect some work is being done...

Welcome Aboard!
2347 is set to report to two Regions, currently, North and South America, so you';re listed two times on the station list...
You also have a strong noise source at about 63kHz which triggers on your H C channe (Yellow)l, and sometimes on E (Magenta)...(if your antennas are configured normally, on your Operators Page')... you might want to check your antenna location, or nearby sources...  you might be able to eas that a bit...  (attached)

Thank you very much for responding! There is no way to connect and see that data on another map, no?
Stations: 2347

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