Determining lightning polarity (positive or negative) by raw signal processing?
(2017-08-28, 16:33)pasense Wrote: Assuming  the magenta channel is the E field and the yellow one the H field, this is my tentative identification:

Positive query huh
unclear -CG
unclear -CG
+CG     -CG
-CG ??  -CG
unclear +CG
-CG      -CG

positive query huh2
+CG    +CG
unclear -CG
+CG    +CG
-CG     +CG
unclear unclear
unclear +CG

I used the polarity of the first part of the E field signal, when I could identify the start. When the first pulse of the E field is positive I identify it as -CG, when it goes negative as +CG. This is then in line with the signal I presented above.
I would have prefered to see the horizontal H signals as well to get a better idea of the start, the signal of the  C channel is a bit weak.

Correct on Yellow being H C, and Magenta is E... this should be the standard...
I threw a curve, "Huh2" is simply 'Huh" inverted and mirrored.,... same signals... just diddled. Done to illustrate the possible difficulty of the premise....and if we only 'compare' one H channel,  than the 'missing' A and B channels are irrelevant for this illustration of channel vs channel... My experience with both RED and BLUE indicates that E is almost always In phase with one or more channels...

Sol, if we're looking for the 'out of phase' H vs E.... which H channel should we use as H ref?

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