Interesting comparision of waveforms for a stroke
Maybe just me, but I thought this was interesting. Had a relatively close stroke - 33 km - and the waveform seems to indicate the it's one of those strikes that if you were to look at it, pulses, and maybe is brighter after the initial flash. Posted below is the waveform from my station as well as that from the Asheville station a couple hundred miles west of me.

It leaves me curious as to what the timestamp - -319us for mine and +26us for Asheville - for the same stroke really means. It appears that the waveform on both stations represents current for what's likely the same stroke. I wonder if the timing for when and subsequentlly "where" is based on a different "flow" interval for the same stroke. The -319 seems to be the fourth current flow interval, and while on Asheville, you cannot see the "first" - probably the leader - you can see flows two, three and four - four - the bigger one - seems to be what both stations actually triggered on.

Also, mine is a Red, and Asheville is Blue. The waveforms have many similarities.

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