Archive data / Export to Google Earth
(2015-06-08, 21:49)Egon Wrote:
(2015-06-08, 08:18)Hoffmann Wrote: Hi!
The archive seems to be working again?
The problem is, that i still can`t export the data as KMZ to Google Earth.
Is this still a general problem or just a problem on my own system (tried via Firefox and IE).


Yes, the gmaps and kmz is still not working, try again in a few days.

(2015-07-07, 07:59)Hoffmann Wrote: I am sure I never said, that i will use the data for commercial purposes.

So, your post is not the answer to my question Sad

... but Egon responded with an answer just above....
Big Grin ... of course you didn't mention 'commercial use'... a lot of data requesters won't mention it... however, from time to time, many of us will respond with a gentle reminder of such things as 'data restrictions', with no intent to insult, especially when  a phrase such as "nobody in our company" might raise a red flag.  I almost responded with such a reminder... Shy  but Sunset came in first.

Thanks for hanging in there with your Green! All of us 'newer' operators owe you "pioneers" big time, and none of us would knowingly patronize or 'flame' you!


And speaking of the 'data' and Google Earth. etc...  Google announced that it'll be killing off that API at the end of this year—December 12 of 2015,
 made the "Pro" version a freebie, has dropped or dead-lined many other APIs such as email service for smaller IP companies, (which meant I had to flush a 20 year old email address, and will likely never update all my site accounts) - appears to be flooding and stacking it's search engine with "Google interest- hosted - connected websites - limited or restricted, even stopped new API connections for certain things... etc. 

Also, Egon, Tobi, have been doing a lot of server / platform work on both websites, and on the data processing servers, in preparation for BLUE, and for better presentation of current data collection... gotta be a bunch of glitches from time to time, and website to website...
... and when you throw in 'operator data access'... more glitches... 

... kind of began rambling a bit, didn't I?
.. Wink excuse me...


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