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here is a brief explanation of the 4 values on BO that I introduced a few years ago to replace the efficiency index at BO, which was not useful to adjust a station. (my opinion)

(white) Total strikes is the number of signals received on the compting server. This does not have to be the number of signals that the station has sent, since the signals are sent to the computinging servers via a relay server. Here some signals are lost.

(yellow) Valid signals are signals that look like impulses and have a certain noise / signal ratio. A characteristic signal is calculated for each station. If the received signal differs significantly from it, it is not valid. The graphic shows an example. In addition, the time stamp is also adjusted, as the trigger location depends on the signal strength. In the picture you can see three signals, only channel 3 delivers a valid signal. Below are 3 reference signals from the 6 channels of the station. You can check the valid status also with the grafic  signal.php.

(green) Signals with a similar time stamp are grouped together. If there are enough signals in a group, a calculation is initiated with the amount of signals. These signals are the signals involved. A station far away from all other stations will probably never be involved in a calculation because not enough other stations received the same lightning discharges.

(blue) A position calculation is started for each set of valid signals. Not all signals of the set are 100% suitable. Often only the 12 best matched signals are selected from the set. These are the used signals.

All signals that were involved are listed in the signal files. The signals that were used are marked as used signals. So everyone can process and visualize involved / used signals for themselves.

The values in the statistic_1.php graphic do not have to match the values in the station list on BO exact. The station list values are taken from the database, which is updated every minute. The values for the graphic statistic_1.php are taken from a file to relieve the database. However, this file is updated at different times than the database.

/ Egon

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