Image with statistical information
UTC 2020-05-15 05:45
The persentages seem to be ok:
valid/total = 885/1278 = 69% = yellow = 83px/120px = 69%; The diagram uses the deviating name strikes/signals.
involved/valid = 672/885 = 76% = green = 91px/120px = 76%; The diagram uses the deviating name involved/strikes.
used/involved = 178/672 = 26% = blue = 31px/120px = 26%; The diagram uses the identical name used/involved.

The total signal count appears to be too high. This is valid for all samples I took.
max signals = 31618
total = 1278, white = 7px/120px*31618 = 1844


The terminology is slightly different between the diagram, and the table view on LMO

- "signals" in the diagram corresponds to "total" in the station list table, which corresponds roughly to "Signlas/h" on LMO (a factor of 2 has to be regarded).
Thus "signals" and "total" can be regarded as synonymous.

- "strikes" in the diagram corresponds to "valid" in the station list table. But "Strokes/h" on LMO corresponds to "involved" in the station list table.
The difference between "valid" and "involved" needs clarification. In different context both are named "strike/stroke". At the moment I assume LMO is right.

Here: Cutty explained the sieve which is applied to filter the valid from the total signals by means of some quality criteria.
Quote:The server computes a 'noise level' for a specific channel's signal, on the first 25% of the 'impulse group" analysis time window (1000ms)  (beginning 500ms before 'trigger') 
and will REJECT, that is "Not Consider" a signal whose Trigger Voltage is NOT 3 times that computed noise level.  (that channel selected will be coded "valid" on the  Signal images (or at Sferics US   for "Americas Rergions" stations only LIVE SIGNALS ... "A "valid"channel will move into consideration for "locator"

A signal which meets the above defined quality criteria doesn't automatically qualify to be a stroke. The "locator" has to decide whether the signal actually belongs to a stroke. I assume the "involved" signals did pass the "locator" sucessfully - and thus they qualified as strokes.
Stations: 2065, 2398, 2729, 3058

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