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(2018-05-22, 17:19)brunetton Wrote: Hi everybody,

Little message just to say that it took me a lot of time to create a forum account. The questions to answer (3kHz - 30kHz freq band and lightning discharge impulse other name) are hard for a non-english speaker like me (and the answers are not on the website).
Google captcha is in IMHO more than enough !

Good to have you with us!  English is the Standard, language for the board, as is the case for most all science oriented publications that require a wide audience. There is a 'Non-English' discussion board available.  Once a person does acquire a station, and is upgraded to 'operator', many other technical boards become available.

Over the Years, we've discovered that Captcha is quite good for 'bots', an additional query was needed for many reasons. After several experiments, we found the questions the best overall option, and the answers ARE on the website, exactly where the question instruction directs a person, and, generally, only a person  who's truly interested will seek the answers, and complete the registration, as in you did, even though it was a bit difficult for you.  Well done.
Shy ...
...without the questions we are soon hit with trolls, spammers, and so forth who completed the CAPTCHA, but gave up on the questions since they  had no real interest in the project...

so you could say, you passed the first test!  Welcome Aboard!


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