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Posting videos on Facebook - MargateSteve - 2014-08-08

Hi all.

I discovered recently and have occasionally posted screen recordings of it on Facebook. Tonight, for the first time, Facebook has rejected the video for copyright infringement.

So my question is, is it ok to post videos taken from lightningmaps or blitzortung. It is just the occasional 15 or so second video when it looks like a storm is heading our way and, to be honest, it has found you a stack of new fans as a dozen or so people at work today were keeping track of it as a result of the video I posted!

I would be grateful if someone could let me know if it is ok to do this?


RE: Posting videos on Facebook - Tobi - 2014-08-08

As long as this is only for special occasions, there is no problem from our site. Please always put a backlink to (map source) and " and participants" (data source). When showing it on Facebook, it's also a good idea to link to our Facebook page. Wink

Please note that you also have to respect the terms of Google Maps (we can not help you here).