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Blitzortung android app - VA_LM_Blue - 2022-04-13

The last few days the Blitzortung Lightning Tracker app has stopped updating with data.  Not working on either an android tablet or phone.  
It is/was my fav. app for display of our data.

If the author is on our forum it would be nice to get a fix.  It hasn't been updated since 2019 however so may be done for.

RE: Blitzortung android app - mwaters - 2022-04-18

Same thing happened to me, so I've been using in a web browser.

RE: Blitzortung android app - AdamBurgess - 2023-03-12

It seems that the Blitzortung Lightning Tracker app is no longer updating with data and has not been updated since 2019. It's possible that the app has reached the end of its support life cycle and is no longer receiving updates. However, there are several other lightning tracker apps available on the market that may be worth exploring. Companies like offer a range of advanced technologies and solutions designed to help with lightning tracking and monitoring. These solutions are often updated regularly and may offer better performance and reliability than older, unsupported apps.