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System Blue for sale from Canada SOLD - jatwood2000 - 2021-06-29

System Blue (station 2488) for sale.  Assembled from kit in May 2019.  View online to confirm it is in working order.
Selling it because I will be moving and will not be able to set up the antennae in the new location.

The sale includes:

    System Blue
    Aluminium Blitzortung Housing.
    Two ferrite rods supplied by Blitzortung and housed in a right-angle PVC pipe.
    E-Field PCB in a makeshift pill-bottle container (you will probably want to improve this part).
    GPS Receiver and antenna with magnetic base, outside rated with cable.
    5V USB Power Supply

Photos available upon request.  Asking $500 USD plus shipping from Alberta, Canada.  Reasonable offers considered.
Payment by Paypal or email transfer. 
Preference given to buyer in this region as it would be good to continue coverage in this area.
Contact directly at and expect a response within 2-3 days.  If you give me your shipping address I will provide a shipping quote.

RE: System Blue for sale from Canada - jatwood2000 - 2021-07-10

Thanks to everyone who contacted me. The detector has found a new home.