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Solar panels and detectors - orion_jb2001 - 2020-08-19

HI all,

Just had an 8.25kW solar system installed reasnonably close to my detector.  Whilst I don't think there is any interference being created by the solar panels, is there anything to watch out for or to do to prevent any interference.



RE: Solar panels and detectors - mwaters - 2020-08-20

Hi Jeff,

Yes, you need to watch for this kind of interference. Wink


I sincerely hope that was not really your station picking up that awful noise. Something needs fixing on your page here; it links to this one. You should ask to have that fixed in this thread.

Looks to me that the inverter has a switching frequency between 15 and 20 kHz, smack dab on the fundamental frequency of many lightning strokes.  Sad

There has been much discussion about RFI from inverters here, which convert the DC voltage to AC. Suggest searching this and the other two forums for inverters and solar for them. Some folks have had success contacting the inverter manufacturer. For RF chokes, no ferrite material is suitable below 300 KHz; so if you try and solve this yourself you have to use Micrometals type 26 powdered iron chokes instead.

The screenshot below was the wrong one, but a known post editor bug wouldn't let me remove it.