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Red System 1166 for sale - 8mark - 2020-05-06

Hi all. I've taken down station 1166, we have 2 high power electric fence systems on the property that wipe it out. It's time for a new quiet location to best serve Blitzortung. This station regularly ran in the top 10 and at times top few, easily picked up strokes from South America to the West coast from USA Tennessee. It has an E-Field and 2 carefully made ferrite rod antennas. This station has been up since 2013 until sporadic use the past few years.  I will place it on Ebay under the username 8mark on 5/10/2020.   Everything is included except the standard jumpers to the antennas, I hope it finds a great new home. Have a great day and stay safe.

The system is here:

RE: Red System 1166 for sale - mwaters - 2020-06-02

Turkish tobacco spam. ^^^

RE: Red System 1166 for sale - africaone - 2020-10-19

I have a fully function system red for sale (Oct 2020) - (posting here before i start my own thread).