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Live Lightning Vector Map - vedrin - 2019-07-22

The Live Lignhtning Vector Map is not being displayed in Chrome (Version 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)) since last week, while it used to work fine before in Chrome and is still available in Firefox (latest version). Is this a known issue and are there any plans for a fix?

RE: Live Lightning Vector Map - Sleepypup - 2019-07-22

Same symptoms here.  Started mid last week.  I found it didn't matter which browser or platform (mobile/windows/IOS) it would eventually only display the menu, a couple of other graphics and the Google ad.  Other times the strikes won't appear or the strike history will skip various time periods.  You can see <20 mins and >80 min but not 40 or 60 mins. To get it working clearing the cache on what ever browser/platform you are using.  I also found it a bit more consistent if you de-select the option to save the settings in the browser cookies.   Flipping back and forth between the 2 map backgrounds would sometimes also work.    Either way it is a bit unstable for me.  Excellent format when it is working.


EDIT - There is another similar post ( specific to Firefox not working. I cannot get FF to work at all either. Loads the background map and only other layer it will is the detectors. Just keeps cycling through the servers trying to connect.

RE: Live Lightning Vector Map - Egon - 2019-07-29

We will update the vector map to version 2.0 tomorrow morning on July 30th. If the map is not loaded, then please refresh the browser cash (reload while holding down the shift key). This is necessary because some basic layer structures have changed. In Version 2.x we can now implement additional features that were not possible before.


RE: Live Lightning Vector Map - vedrin - 2019-07-30

I confirm that the vector map is working fine now in Chrome. I cleared the cache and also had to cycle through unchecking/checking again the option to save the settings in a cookie. The web app is awesome!

I'm just a bit confused what should be the effect of the "Time course" option -- for now it doesn't seem to do anything or perhaps I'm missing something?