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Rare "positive" lightning bolt caught on video - mwaters - 2019-05-12

Is everything in this interesting article technically correct?

Quote:From the Palm Beach Post: "an unusual bolt of lightning up to 10 times stronger than a typical flash that was caught on video by Boynton Beach resident Erica Hite on Sunday. The so-called continuous current, or positive lighting, which was identified by the National Weather Service in Miami after seeing the video, hit outside Hite’s apartment when she was taking video to show her family how bad the weather was."

The video there shows an orange-colored bolt.

RE: Rare "positive" lightning bolt caught on video - scilover - 2020-05-28

Yeah, that is a positive lightning captured on video. We can tell by the longer flash duration and composed of only one stroke as seen in the video. Fortunately, the lady was inside as positive lightning are indeed more dangerous and most lighting strikes victims are the result from positive lightning.

But the color is not related to it being positive lightning. It could have been orange colored because of large concentration of dust in the air.

[Image: Positive-lightning-.jpg]