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Testing USB-chargers - RichoAnd - 2018-04-06

A Danish guy is doing an excellent job, testing among other USB chargers.


RE: Testing USB-chargers - vk2him - 2018-04-07

Nice find! This will be a good reference

RE: Testing USB-chargers - th3432 - 2018-05-16

Great reference though Smile

RE: Testing USB-chargers - hazelnut - 2022-02-27

Another useful resource is this one, someone who's tested a wide range of USB cables. The vast majority of them are rubbish, so it doesn't matter how good your power supply is when the cable drops the voltage at the other end to outside spec.  To quote, in reference to providing a USB device with power within the USB spec: "Almost [no cable] can, and certainly no cable over 1m in length can".

What voltage range will the System Blue work at?  In other words how bad can the cable be before it starts running into problems?