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IP Address Range - KY5G - 2017-08-14

I believe I have identified WHY I have yet to receive my station activation email AND why I never receive an email notification of replies to threads to which I am subscribed...

I OWN my email server.  I ban IP ranges of ISPs, foreigh and domestic, who allow nefarious activity using their IPs if they fail to take action against the malevolent actors.

I suspect that is using IPs from such an ISP...

I need someone to clue me in to the IPs used for the email servers and forum and website, so I can add them to my "ALLOW" and "IGNORE" lists on my server so emails will go through BOTH ways.   Big Grin

Thank you in advance!!!

RE: IP Address Range - Tobi - 2017-08-14

Try these:

RE: IP Address Range - KY5G - 2017-08-14

Thanks Tobi... I UN-banned the 212.227.x.x range for Egon's email (which appears to be NOT accepting email right now), but that obviously wasn't the right range, because I am still not receiving updates from the forums...

Let me add these IPs to my ALLOW and IGNORE listings (assuming they belong to banned ranges)

RE: IP Address Range - KY5G - 2017-08-14

Just explicitly ALLOWED those IPs.... Would you mind re-sending the activation email?

RE: IP Address Range - KY5G - 2017-08-14

FYI: ban got the 37.187.x.x IP ban got ALL the 85.x.x.x IPs ban got the 81.x.x.x IP

So ALL of those IPs were banned due to excessive hacking coming from IPs in those ranges...

Should be all good now! Assuming those are static IPs, or long-term leases. Smile

RE: IP Address Range - KY5G - 2017-08-14

I'm logged into my account... hopefully I won't have to trouble you again. Thank you, Tobi!!! Very, VERY much!