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How reset password, Blitzortung - HERVE48 - 2017-05-26

Hi, I have a small problem, I forgot my password on the site Blitzortung to connect, I can not find how I can reset!
And secondly I can not connect my station on my network (red), but it works well and sends data .. I do not understand
Thanks a lot for your help ! Big Grin
see you soon

RE: How reset password, Blitzortung - AniketS - 2017-06-19

Its very simple.

1. Go to login page
2. There you will get Lost Password option next to Password section .
3. Click on it Lost Password.
4 . You will be redirected to Lost Password Recovery Form .
5. Enter your email address and click on Request Login Credentials .
6. You will get password reset link via mail .
That's It . Smile