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Ortungswinkel - locating angle - hans.mayer - 2015-10-02

dear all, 

what is "ortungswinkel" ( locating angle ) ? 
today i noticed a stroke at  02.10.2015 16:12:34.826867174 UTC
location of the lightning was Lat/Lon: -4.405123 / 18.224421 
my possition is: 16 17' 1" East 48 8' 57" North --> JN88dd45at tells me that Ortungswinkel is: 189 degress 
accidentally i noticed i get a different value if i calculate the angle. 
on my linux box i have a command line tool called "qth" which tells me 178 degrees.
if i use google earth the result is 177.55 deg which is as rounded value the same as qth's result.
but both are quite different from the result of

on other hand i can't believe that does bad mathematics.
so my question: what is this value for called in german "ortungswinkel" ? 

kind regards 


RE: Ortungswinkel - locating angle - Steph - 2015-10-04

Locating angle is not the direction between your station and the strike, but the angle between the stations around the strike.
On the bottom of the page is the description:

Quote:Locating angle: Max. angle of participated station around lightning position (in parenthesis: stations that weren't used for calculation). A value of 270° would be ideal, but a good locating is also possible on much smaller values.

RE: Ortungswinkel - locating angle - hans.mayer - 2015-10-04

hi Steph, 

many thanks pointing me in the right direction. 
yes, it was clear for me that this value must be something different than the direction to the stroke. 

// hans