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Site crashes both FF and Chrome - Baer - 2015-07-11

I have noticed , in the last couple days, that when I switch to another tab, in FF, Memory usage spikes and FF stops responding. I thorough it was because of the latest update to FF so I tried the website in chome. In chrome, its fine when its in its own window but as soon as you add another tap to that window , the website crashes and you get the ' Whoops looks like the page has crashed. retry" . I have confirmed this behavior on two other machines and aI have also talk . social media, to friends , the I have recommended the site too, they have reported the same behavior with FF and Chrome.

RE: Site crashes both FF and Chrome - Tobi - 2015-07-12

There was indeed an error on It has been fixed.

Please tell us the name of the website the next time, so we don't have to guess. Thanks. Wink